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Drums, gems and all

If you have a way to map your plastic drumkit to a DualShock, you can play drums in GH2, as an entirely new instrument. Four lanes + kick, like Harmonix always intended. Tools like the Onyx Music Game Toolkit can import drums from any Rock Band chart.

Campaigns campaigns campaigns

Not only does the 360 GH2 setlist feature in full, but we're throwing 80's in there too, just for the hell of it. And part of GH1. And a whole bunch of brand new songs in a brand new setlist. (The disc is quite literally almost full.)

Visualize your note streaks

Not content with just popups—we've added a way to watch your note streaks go up, in real time, as part of the normal GH2 HUD. If the number's still orange by the end of the song? Congrats on the FC.

Go home and practice it

Getting your ass kicked mid-song? Quit right to Practice and woodshed to your heart's content. You can even restart the section using Select, just like that other game.

Helping you mod our mods

Deluxe 2.0 comes with commented, cleaned up scripts and sorted locales for ease of modding. We even have a special minimalist build of Deluxe called Custom Edition for getting songs into the game, no fluff or strings attached.

All of what you loved about 1.0

Strum limit is still dead and gone, speedups are still here to stay, and you can still play bass in singleplayer. Deluxe means no compromises.